New Professionals around the World

New Professionals are great networkers and community builders. This has already lead to a large number of groups for and by new librarians around the globe. We compiled a list of initiatives for you to get an overview on what is happening in different countries and areas of the world. . Also check out the NPs around the world-twitter list which is a great resource to follow the day-to-day business of these groups!

New Professionals Day Ireland has been updated to the IFLA New Professionals listing. Check out this blog for more details and connect with our international colleagues.


As part of our New Professionals Day we will as you know be tackling Twitter and it’s use as an information tool for us all.

If you’ve not joined Twitter yet – do – it’s so simple to sign up.

A whole new world of information will be at your fingertips and you can become more involved in #irelibchat – exchanging ideas, knowledge and top tips as well as sharing experience with colleagues across the island of Ireland.

Check out Libfocus for more info.


Get Tweeting…

Those of you not on Twitter – are missing out on a great information resource.


The LAI Career Development Group hosted their first event yesterday and ‘live tweeting’ enabled a very rich exchange of information to those attending and also those absent. By using a hashtag – all could be connected to what was happening instantly at the event – #cdg2013

As an Info Pro or soon to be Info Pro – you need to engage with Social Media – not just with your ‘friends’ but more importantly with your colleagues.

If you have a smartphone (whether android; iphone or windows phone…) get on Twitter – it will really open up a whole new world of Information to you.


We will be looking at the importance of Tweeting for New Professionals – so please bring your phone or tablet along to our first event and make sure you’ve joined Twitter.

It’s really not that scary – it’s fun and you get to network with your fellow Info Pros & hopefully your future colleagues.