#npdishine14 – Report

What a fantastic day was had on Saturday the 11th of October for #npdishine14

New Professionals Day Ireland arranged this day with the view to providing new information professionals the opportunity to learn from the practical experience of putting together a presentation or poster and to showcase their skills to colleagues. This would be a platform to learn from and why we provided such detailed submission criteria. We also decided to include posters as a part of the afternoon as not everyone is comfortable making presentations. Plus posters allow a different aspect of our profession to be highlighted in showcasing creativity, information provision and visualisation.

Rather than ‘tacking’ a presentation or poster session alongside a day of other presenters, we decided to keep the day exclusively for New Professionals – so that their skills and projects could be highlighted to friends as well as colleagues across the profession. This would also provide a ‘safe’ learning environment for both those presenting and displaying their posters and those attending.

From the amount of ‘social media’ action we received on the day to #npdishine14 this aim was successful!

We’d like to thank all our submitters to #npdishine14 and those who were successful in being selected.

Please see below for the presentations and the posters – you can see from the calibre of the presentations/posters and the projects that our New Professional colleagues are involved in, that they have innovative ideas on how to deal with any encountered issues.

First up on the day was Jenny O’Neill and Catherine Ryan both from the Digital Repository of Ireland.DRI A great presentation on their work and the ladies provided an insight into the Info Pro skills utilsied in their day to day work and Jenny also provided tips on what we can all do to continue developing those skills.


MemorialNext up was Kris Meen who presented on his project based in the John Hardiman Library in NUI GalwayThe Memorial Atlas of Ireland. Kris who hails from Canada, and who completed his MLIS there in 2010 illustrated his project and work with the Open Source Software Simile Exhibit. Kris’s presentation and project encapsulates the ethos behind #npdishine14 presenting on a project that he evolved himself as he approached NUI Galway to gain work experience, sourced the software and set about developing the project.

After a short break – we began the rest of the afternoon with Caroline Rowan and her presentation on Competency Based Interviews. CRIn these times where jobs are scarce and opportunities to gain experience are limited, Caroline’s presentation provided the audience with an insight into the interview process from a different perspective. Caroline clearly outlined where candidates had gone astray and provided excellent ‘tips’ on how to succeed and prepare for Competency Based Interviews.

CPDLast up not least on the afternoon was Penny Dunn who travelled over from the UK to take part in #npdishine14 with her Make job applications easier. We felt that Penny’s presentation and poster provided a brilliant opportunity for new info pros to learn how to structure and keep an up to date record of their Continuous Professional Development. Penny provided some excellent advice and this is relevant to ALL info pros not those just out of Library School.

TheForgottenZineArchive_SHINEposter - Copy-page1Posters were on the day from Mick O’Dwyer and Tom Maher on The Forgotten Zine Archive: Legitimising the Alternative Press.

Sarah Kennedy and Kate McCarthy poster was from their Capstone Project from UCD MLIS 2012-2013.NPD Poster - Final-1









CPD poster-1Penny Dunn’s poster was on Make job applications easier: start a CPD Diary.


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