#npdishine14 – presentations

NPDI Shine Final1

You can read more on the presentations that will be  a part of the afternoon for #npdishine14:


Competency Based Interviews (Learning from both sides of the interview desk) by Caroline Rowan

Caroline Rowan will be using her wealth of experience in the private sector and as an informational professional to introduce and go through the processes involved in “Competency Based Interviews”, providing insight from both sides of the interview desk.
Her presentation will define what a competency is, put forward example questions and explain the benefits of a CBI for an interviewer and an interviewee. It will explore how they are scored and how someone could personally prepare for a CBI.

For information professionals actively looking for work, or those who manage staff this presentation should give helpful tips and insights into what can be a difficult process.

The Memorial Atlas of Ireland (1901): An Exhibit by Kris Meen
Kris Meen will be talking about the recent work he has carried out at the James Hardiman Library at NUI Galway. This involved him putting together a Digital Exhibit from the Memorial Atlas Online. He will introduce and demo the Memorial Atlas of Ireland and its history. He will discuss the software used and how he went about putting together the exhibit. Challenges and opportunities will be discussed and how they were met.

For anyone interested in Digital Humanities, Libraries, this should show an interesting insight into some of the work that can be done.

Digital Repository of Ireland by Jenny O’Neill and Catherine Ryan

Jenny O’Neill and Catherine Ryan will give us an inside look at some the work done at the Digital Repository Ireland. They will highlight what the DRI is, how it is funded, what organisations are involved and give an overview of its structure.

In the spirit of SHINE, particular focus will be put on their own roles within DRI, including past and present experience as they discuss some of the projects they have worked on, demonstrate the various roles, workflows and technologies involved and draw attention to some of the skills they have been required to learn and other skills they have been able to utilise in their roles.

It promises to be an interesting glimpse into varied roles of modern information professionals.

Make job applications easier – start a CPD diary by Penelope Dunn

Following on from her Poster, Penelope Dunn will show the effectiveness in beginning and maintaining a continuing professional development (CPD) diary. Drawing from personal experience and that of many professionals, some of the pitfalls of preparing and submitting a job application will be touched upon.

She will introduce the CPD diary as a valuable tool for information professionals, showing how it can be used to track skills, qualifications and experience. Furthermore she will explain how these can be aligned to particular criteria in job descriptions, taking a lot of hassle and stress out of the application process.

Highlighting how it has worked for her in her career, she hopes attendees will take something from this presentation and be similarly successful. This should be of interest to all professionals at all stage of their career as they seek to manage their own skills.


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