#npdishine14 – posters

NPDI Shine Final1


As part of #npdishine14 the successful applicants for the poster part of the afternoon are as follows:
The Forgotten Zine Archive: Legitimising the Alternative Press by Mick O’Dwyer and Tom Maher

Mick O’Dwyer and Tom Maher will discuss their work on the Forgotten Zine Archive which has grown substantially in the ten years since its inception in 2004. They aim to explain what a “Zine” is, delve into the processes involved in their archival and cataloguing work, put across the importance of this and other such archives of fringe material and offer a view on what they hope to achieve for the archive going forward.

The archive has been exhibited around Dublin and Cork

Make job applications easier – start a CPD diary by Penelope Dunn

Penelope Dunn will introduce continuing professional development (CPD) diaries as tools to track skills, training and experience and align these with specific goals and job applications. Using her personal experiences, she will explain how and why she went about this route, and propose quick ideas for starting your very own. This brief overview should engage professionals at all levels; those starting out, and experienced professionals who are looking to track and organise their (often) vast array of skills.

Attendees may be able to get a close look at what is involved in one to one or small groups and go away with invaluable advise in starting their own diaries.

GPs’ Information Seeking and Use of Open Access by Sarah Kennedy and Kate McCarthy

Sarah and Kate McCarthy will be presenting work from their Capstone project completed for their MLIS degrees at UCD in 2013. This research heavy project looked at information seeking behaviour of General Practitioners in Ireland, and the resources and techniques they used. They present their methodology, relevant research, findings and opportunities for information professionals in this area.

This project gives an insight into some of the work that is involved in completing an MLIS and the skills required to do so.

Book your free ticket via Eventbrite to see these posters and meet the New Information Professionals behind each of the projects on Saturday 11th of October at #npdishine14


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