#npdi14 – Thanks

NPD Ireland 2014 Plan of the day

Many thanks to all who attended and participated either in person or virtually via Twitter during New Professionals Day Ireland 2014 #npdi14

A huge vote of thanks from the three of us behind NPD Ireland to NUI Maynooth Library and staff for providing such a fantastic venue.

Special thanks to Marie Cullen and Hugh Murphy for making the day possible and especially Marie’s invaluable assistance ensuring the day’s smooth operation. Many thanks to Hugh for providing a tour of the new library building at NUI Maynooth.

We can’t thank Captain Claire Mortimer of Military Archives, Grace Toland of Irish Traditional Music Archive, Brid Dooley, Head of RTE Archives and Barbara McCormack of Special Collections, NUI Maynooth enough for their time and work in producing such brilliant presentations and workshops. Special thanks to Barbara for providing the tour of the Russell Library at the end of the day for all attendees.

Kind thanks to Kevin Mullaney, Roy Murray and Shona Thoma for helping us out on the day – invaluable assistants one and all.

Special mention to Jane Burns our Emcee on the day – who has been a huge supporter of ours since we began NPD Ireland.

All our events are free and will continue to be so – we have no sponsors nor external funding – we provide these events to assist New Professionals in Ireland. We have been incredibly fortunate in providing our events by the generosity of colleagues who give up their time and expertise to assist in these events.

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