Job search

The one thing about completing library and information or archival studies in whatever form that takes you, is that at some point you’re going to begin your own job search. We’ve asked some recent graduates to write about their experiences in their own job search and hopefully this new series of posts will assist you in yours.


First up is Caroline Rowan – a recent graduate (ceremony took place on Monday 2nd December 2013!) of UCD SILS. Caroline has provided a comprehensive and honest appraisal of her decision making and her own quest for her first role post MLIS.

Second of our Guest Posters is Shona Thoma – another recent graduate from UCD SILS 2012-2013. Shona has written a lovely post on her own job search and it includes her own tips on keeping on top of your Linkedin profile, as you never know where it will lead!

Our third Guest Post is from Sarah Kennedy – another of the recent graduates from UCD SILS 2012-2013 who has written an insightful post on her own decision making whilst completing her job search.

Fourth in this series of Guest Posts is Jenny O’Neill – another of the UCD SILS recent graduates. Jenny has completed a great introduction to her own job search strategy.

Fifth in this series of Guest Posts is Emmet Keoghan – a graduate of three years after completing the Grad Dip part-time at UCD SILS. As a graduate with a disability, Emmet’s post is helpful as he addresses how he has managed to gain more experience and offers some helpful tips for others.


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