#npdi16 – Knowledge cafe

The final activity of the day involved a knowledge cafe. Attendees were grouped together to share their experiences about how to approach CVs, applications, standing out, and first impressions as new professionals.The theme for discussion was “I wish I had known this then”.

Each group then presented their top three pieces of advice. These tips were compiled and are listed below:

  • “I” power: taking credit (forgetting ‘we’ and focus on what you did specifically)
  • practice, practice, practice – you can never rehearse enough
  • talk it out with everyone (friends, work, IT departments, etc.) – does what you are saying make sense?
  • get a fresh set of eyes to review your CV – avoid the ‘wallpaper effect’
  • picture yourself in the position you are interviewing for
  • apply for positions that you might think you are only partially qualified for – TAKE A CHANCE!
  • Always keep a work log for reflective practice – ask yourself: what I did, what I used, what I learned – and keep it updated
  • contact HR (or the specific individual involved) regarding hiring panel information and any subsequent feedback
  • get feedback from non-librarians
  • get networking – learn from others in the profession
  • use social media and Linked In for networking
  • have a positive mental attitude!





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