Currently a student?

Are you currently a student in UCD SILS or following another path to gaining your MLIS or a similar library/information qualification?

Then one piece of advice we would strongly urge you to heed, is to attend any organised events that you are invited to as a student. If free admission or reduced prices are offered – take them and attend.

The more you interact with your peers and ‘future’ colleagues the better, especially here in Ireland.

The information profession is one that encourages interaction and is supportive to all within the profession; sharing ideas, interests and new technologies.

We would also advise that you join the LAI as a student member, this way you can sign up to the various groups within the LAI and start to become involved in the profession, whilst a student.

The newly formed LAI Career Development Group is definitely a section of the LAI that you should sign up to upon joining.

The second semester is just around the corner, you will be working like you’ve never worked before, but in the midst of it, take the time to attend lectures, networking evenings and the careers breakfast at SILS.

This way you can be working on your professional development whilst you are still a student, and we hope to see you all at our first ‘New Professionals Day’ in 2013.


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