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NPD Ireland originated after three Irish UCD (University College Dublin) MLIS (Masters in Library & Information Science) students attended the CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) New Professionals Day in London in May 2012. As a group we were so inspired by not only the presentations and workshops that we attended, but by our colleagues both within and outside the profession that we met. So on the journey back to Stanstead, we devised a rough plan of our inaugural day that we wished to put on here in Ireland.

We decided to call ourselves New Professionals Day Ireland – as although our first event will be held in Dublin – our events are not Dublin-centric but for the whole island of Ireland.

As we were the only then current students from Ireland who had travelled over to London for the day, we also realised that our fellow students and new professional colleagues were missing out on an important facet of developing our early career network. This is what the New Professional Day is about, sharing information, developing new skills and interests and becoming the consummate New Professional.

So if you are an aspiring Librarian, a newly qualified or early career Information Professional and you want to interact with your colleagues across the island of Ireland then this is the day for you.

This blog will provide information on our New Professionals Day, share information and provide a forum for discussion.

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