Who is NPD?

On the build-up to our first event we thought a little introduction to the group might be required.

NPD was set up in May 2012, but really didn’t kick off properly until post the capstone frenzy, by 5 MLIS students from UCD SILS 2012.

The primary objective of NPD was to try and promote a sense of community amongst ‘New Information Professionals’ and provide an outlet for those interested in entering the field.

This was all borne from a visit in May to the London based event  CILIP NPD 2012.

A group of MLIS students who we met at CILIP New Professionals Day 2012 also started a similar organization in Manchester.

Manchester NLPN is currently unaffiliated with other organizations.

Wanting to get the first NPD Ireland event up and running as soon as possible, we  decided to remain unaffiliated with any other groups at that time with a view to possible affiliation in the future.

Traveling for work and other commitments meant that the group became 3 in December.

NPD is currently comprised of Marie-Therese Carmody, Sarah Connolly and Peter Fleming.

Our inaugural event is self-financed by the NPD team and is free to attendees.

Whilst other groups have been very supportive in terms of helping us to publicize our event on Twitter, Facebook and in the various ILS institutions we are currently not officially affiliated with any groups or organisations.

We do appreciate all the assistance we have received from our communications and interactions with ILS institutions, the current students themselves and our colleagues within the wider Information Profession in Ireland.

With a fully booked day, we and all of the hosts and our keynote speaker are looking forward to our first event.

Thanking you,

NPD Ireland


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