2013 – a beginning

Well as we start 2014 I thought we should look back at our 2013 and what it brought for NPD Ireland.


Plan of the Day_Final

Plan of the day

2013 began with us planning and organising our first ever event – New Professionals Day Ireland we established our blog, our Twitter and Facebook presence. As we were only newly qualified ourselves and beginning our own information professional careers we were concerned that others more established in the community here would not take us seriously. However, as we approached those we wanted to be a part of our day and discussed our ideas we started to realise that others, like ourselves, saw the need for a New Professionals Day here in Ireland. As we got closer to the date the momentum kept building and all went as planned on the day as you can see from the blog posts of those present. The three workshops were based on providing new info pros with a little information that they could then build on themselves – get involved in Twitter; practice networking and work on your IT skills.  The day ended with a keynote from Jane Burns ‘I’m an Info Pro and you can too’. Our ethos behind our events is to provide free events that allow those studying or beginning their career in the information field to network and build on their own and others development.

Poster with Speakers

Autumn Event

So with that in mind we organised our second event of 2013 which took place in September – Info Pro a day in a life – from feedback we’d received we realised that there was a gap in the MLIS / MA programmes relating to what actually happens on a daily basis in various jobs. So we approached various colleagues who were well established in Ireland and in their particular roles and asked them to illustrate what they did on a day-to-day basis for our audience. The day proved to be an overwhelming success for both presenters and the audience alike with fantastic feedback both on the day and after. We decided at an early stage in our organisation of our events to keep our numbers small so that those in attendance get to know each other better and allow for greater networking opportunities. All of our presenters on the day provided engaging and realistic advice and this was much appreciated by those present in the audience  and via ‘live tweeting’.

2013-11-30 13.00.02

Library of Birmingham #libcampuk13

As there are only three of us currently in NPD Ireland we decided to keep ourselves to a realistic schedule and only organise two events in our first year. However, via our online presence on our blog, Twitter and Facebook we’ve attempted to keep our colleagues, followers and supporters informed and updated on what is happening in the field in not only Ireland but in the wider community. We’ve also established links with other New Professional groups across the water in Manchester and further afield in Europe and the Southern Hemisphere. We’re also part of the International New Professional community and join online discussions when we can to widen our knowledge and update our colleagues. Through our blog we are attempting to provide information and links that assist those who are thinking of joining the profession or those of us in the early stages post qualification of our information careers. There is no denying it is a tough economic climate out there, and it is hard to locate first posts or indeed any posts once qualified, however, through CPD, networking and support we hope to illustrate that it is possible to develop your own skills to meet the challenges of the current job market. In order to get the fuller picture of what is happening in Ireland and further afield we’ve attended seminars, lectures, conferences, library camps and teachmeets we’ve either ‘live tweeted’ from them and/or written blog posts about them. Throughout 2013 we’ve asked colleagues to add their thoughts to this blog on a variety of topics including their path to qualification, gaining experience and on their job search. We hope to continue with similar usual guest post sections in the new year so keep an eye on this blog!

We hope to achieve more in 2014 and we are currently planning our next New Professionals Day – which will take place on Saturday 1st March 2014. We hope as many of you who are starting out on your career will join us on the day whether it be in person or via our ‘live tweeting’ or via this blog. We’ll keep tweeting, posting to this blog and to our Facebook. You can connect with us via our Twitter, Facebook or email us to join our mailing list – npdireland@gmail.com We’ll continue to provide information to assist New Information Professionals here in Ireland and we hope you enjoy our events and participate with us on our path. Wishing you all a Very Happy New Professionals Year!


1st March 2014 – save the date!


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